A Million Miles Away


Action / Biography / Drama



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This is not a full synopsis, but it brings attention to important story/plot points pertaining to Adela.It is difficult to demonstrate, via dialog quotes, just how Adela supported Jose, between NASA rejections 6 through 11, because her pivotal conversations with Jose are stitched between scenes of Jose executing his new next moves.Single engine pilot school. Scuba certification. Volunterring to be DOE monitor in Siberia.Adela draws those insights out of Jose by asking him, "Those other people who got into the program the last six years... what do they have that you don't?" Adela motivates Jose to decisively act on what he knows, but had been ignoring.She gladly commits family savings to each and every new gap-narrowing certification for Jose. Funds that could also be used to open her dream restaurant.She even demands that Jose hand deliver NASA application #12 to JSC in Houston, TX.Adela is a formidable "cloud of support" surrounding Jose. Jose knows it - and acts like it, too.(Jose is always mindful of Adela's dream, to own and operate her own restaurant. It's a dream that eventually comes true with the opening of Tierra Luna Mexican Grill, not too far from the JSC.)Adela makes her own leap, into unforeseen sacrifices to come, on the basis of, "I believe in you."They (Adela, Jose, la familia) are Monarch butterflies together on an infinite journey.Adela to Jose: "It's on us now."Her words & deeds constructively matching Jose's. If that isn't a love story, then nothing is.

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Rosa Salazar as Adela
Garret Dillahunt as Sturckow
Sarayu Blue as Kalpana Chawla
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