After the Fall


Action / Drama



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Successfull Arizona architect Phillip Danville has horses on his estate. After his daughter Jenna incurs possibly incurable spinal injuries during a riding competition, her fiancé Carson leaves. Phillipp arranges for her to be admitted to a specialized institute, where physiotherapist Eugene Gibbs does the best possible experimental rehab combination job, and competitive fellow patient Annie contributes motivation. Home at the ranch, equally hunky neighbor Will Dutton, a veterinarian whose rodeo career ended in a multiple leg fracture, cures the Danville's star horse and becomes Jenna's new boyfriend. —KGF Vissers

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Fiona Dourif as Annie Tolgen
Nicholas Gonzalez as Eugene Gibbs
Gail O'Grady as Dr. Susan Miles
Greg Evigan as Phillip Danville
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