American Crude


Comedy / Crime / Drama



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The criminal Carlos breaks out from prison and her pimp Felonious Spinks drives the runaway car. Carlos seeks revenge against the criminal Henrique, who raped and introduced her to prostitution. The smalltime crook Johnny is married with Jane, but he is still fancy Olivia that is the love of his life and will marry his best friend Bill while Jane organizes a shower for Olivia. Johnny's father is the pedophile Mr. Grand that sells abducted teenagers to Henrique. Mr. Grand has injured his wife when she asked for the divorce and now she is crippled. Johnny plots a scheme with the travesty Gigi LaRush to separate Olivia from Bill and is negotiating fake passports with Carlos and Spinks. But when Bill and Gigi are arrested by a police officer and Mr. Grand kidnaps Tammy Snow, the lives of these players are entwined with tragic consequences. —Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Missi Pyle as Gigi
Cam Gigandet as Kip Adams
Ron Livingston as Johnny
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