Action / Comedy / Romance



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A movie about good-for-nothing stuntman Mike Gaucher (Jean-Paul Belmondo), who can't do one single job without something going wrong. His fiancée wants to kill him, the film studios don't want to give him any more work and, as King Kong for a promotion in a supermarket, he winds up destroying some display shelves. The only role he plays well is pretending not to be able to hear, speak, and walk in order to get money from the government. Then along comes the "beautiful" actor called Bruno Ferrari (Jean-Paul Belmondo). Supposedly a fearless stuntman, Ferrari turns out to be afraid of heights once his feet leave the ground. So a stuntman is needed to prevent a scandal. And who is the man who looks most (or exactly) like Bruno? You guessed it, good-for-nothing Mike. —Markus Wachenheim

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Richard Bohringer as Un assistant de Sergio
Johnny Hallyday as La vedette masculine
Jean-Paul Belmondo as Mike Gaucher et Bruno Ferrari
Jane Birkin as La vedette féminine
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