Bad Boys


Crime / Drama / Thriller



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Mick O'Brien, a sixteen-year-old juvenile delinquent preying on Chicago's unsuspecting people, is arrested and taken to Rainford Juvenile Correctional Facility for negligent homicide. Unfortunately, his latest victim was an innocent eight-year-old boy. As a result, hell-bent on avenging his death, the ruthless teenage drug dealer, Paco Moreno, decides to get even. But, inevitably, Paco's arrest, and his detention in Mike's prison, will lead to a dangerously volatile co-existence, and all bets are off on their imminent confrontation. Now, the two rivals have no other choice but to lock horns and take the law into their own hands. Is there a future for bad boys, Mick and Paco?

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Clancy Brown as Viking Lofgren
Sean Penn as Mick O'Brien
Ally Sheedy as J. C. Walenski
Alan Ruck as Carl Brennan
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