Cruel Jaws


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Thriller



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With the annual Regatta celebration just around the corner, an aggressive 25-foot Tiger shark swims into the waters of the sleepy seaside town of Hampton Bay. In the meantime, against the backdrop of a shady real-estate deal, the defenceless owner of the local amusement park, Dag Snerensen, finds himself with his back to the wall, as an unscrupulous land-developer and his ruthless mobsters use strong-arm tactics to convince him to give up his property. Of course, the greedy mayor refuses to close the beaches, and before long, the first corpses start washing up on the shore. But, now that the ferocious aquatic predator has tasted human flesh, it will stop at nothing to get its next meal. Who can rid the ocean of the beast? —Nick Riganas

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