Denise Calls Up





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A group of friends in New York, working away at their PCs and laptops, keep in touch exclusively by phone and fax; all are too busy to meet face-to-face. By phone, Gale plays matchmaker for Jerry and Barbara who hit it off beautifully--via phone and fax. Martin gets a telephone call from somebody he has never met: it's Denise, and she has extraordinary news. Tapping away at his computer, he develops a sort of telephonic friendship with Denise. And so it goes as the friends tap, tap, tap away, sharing news, hopes, and dreams--via phone and fax. Finally Gale has an unfortunate encounter with a phone, Denise has more news for Martin, and Frank plans a gala New Year's Eve party--but will he answer the door?

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Alanna Ubach as Denise
Tim Daly as Frank
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