Five Minutes of Heaven


Action / Drama / Thriller



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In February, 1975, in Northern Ireland, seventeen year-old UVF member Alistair Little kills the catholic Jimmy Griffin in his house in Lurgan in front of his younger brother Joe Griffin. Alistair is arrested and imprisoned for twelve years while Joe is blamed by his mother for not saving his brother. Thirty-three years later, a TV promotes the meeting of Alistair and Joe in a house in River Finn, expecting the truth and the reconciliation of the murderer and the victim who actually seeks five minutes of heaven. —Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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James Nesbitt as Joe Griffin: 2008
Niamh Cusack as Alistair's Mum: 1975
Richard Dormer as Michael: 2008
Anamaria Marinca as Vika: 2008
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