Follow That Bird


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Music



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Eccentric and lovable Big Bird lives a very carefree life with his friends on Sesame Street. But his happiness is cut short when a strict social worker named Miss Finch sends him away to live with a wacky family of Dodos. After a long week and feeling homesick, he decides that he has had enough and sets out to get back to Sesame Street. Word gets around and he is totally unaware that his friends are in search of him. But he better watch out because both Miss Finch and the Sleaze Brothers are also after him for their own purposes.

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Chevy Chase as Newscaster
Frank Oz as Cookie Monster / Bert / Grover / Additional Muppets
John Candy as State Trooper
Jerry Nelson as Count von Count / Herry Monster / Additional Muppets
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