Into the White


Action / Biography / Drama / History / War



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In World War II, the German pilots Lieutenant Horst Schopis, Josef Schwartz and Wolfgang Strunk crash their airplane in the wilderness of Norway after shooting down a British airplane. They walk through a snow storm until they reach shelter in an abandoned hunter cabin. Soon the British pilot Captain Charles P. Davenport and the gunner Robert Smith arrive in the cabin and they become prisoners of the German pilots. However, after the initial friction between the enemies, they realize that they should team-up to survive in the wilderness in the beginning of an improbable friendship. —Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Rupert Grint as Gunner Robert Smith
Lachlan Nieboer as Captain Charles P. Davenport
David Kross as Obergefreiter Josef Schwartz
Florian Lukas as Leutnant Horst Schopis
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