Kill Ben Lyk


Comedy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller



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Multiple bullets, multiple targets, one name. Pop quiz: someone is running around London killing your namesake. What do you do? Do you run? Do you stay and fight? If you're quasi-famous YouTuber Ben Lyk (Eugene Simon of Game of Thrones), you vlog about it and hope for the best. That is, until Scotland Yard, in order to sort this mess out, rounds him up along with every other Ben Lyk in town keeping them holed up in a safe house that isn't so safe. And once the Ben Lyk's begin dropping one by one, it's a mad dash to figure out why this is even happening.

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Martyn Ford as Bale
Scroobius Pip as Hipster Ben Lyk
Simone Ashley as The Girl
Bronson Webb as Nervous Ben Lyk
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Mar 24, 2020 at 12:48 AM
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