King Kong vs. Godzilla


Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi



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Original Japanese version. Tako, advertising director of Pacific Pharmaceuticals, is frustrated by the low viewership of their sponsored documentary show and realizes that he needs a more sensationalist approach. Tako orders two of his men, Sakurai and Furue, on an expedition to Faro Island to investigate a legendary monster called King Kong and exploit it for advertising. Just as the expedition is underway, Godzilla emerges from an iceberg and sets his sights towards Japan, sparking a media frenzy that steals publicity away from Tako's own monster. As Kong is captured and hauled back to Japan, people begin to wonder which monster is stronger and capable of beating the other. Tako realizes the marketability of King Kong facing off against Godzilla as the two monsters are pitted against each other in the biggest wrestling match of all time.—Plotjira

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Mie Hama as Fumiko Sakurai
Gary Collins as Submariner
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