King Kong vs. Godzilla


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi



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(Re-edited US Version) Eric Carter, a reporter for the United Nations, reports on a submarine which collides with an iceberg and frees Godzilla. The news of this soon leads to Mr. Tako, the chairman of a pharmaceutical company, to seek a monster of his own to generate publicity. He sends out an expedition to Farou Island where they discover the god of the island in the form of King Kong. The giant ape is capture and returned to Japan, upon which it escapes and heads off on a collision course straight towards Godzilla. The two rivals soon clash in a giant climatic battle. —Scott Hutchins

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Mie Hama as Fumiko Sakurai
Gary Collins as Submariner
Les Tremayne as Commander Roberts / General Shinzo / Narrator
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