Maisie Goes to Reno


Comedy / Romance



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Maisie is overworked at her defense job and is ordered to take a two week vacation. When she meets Tommy, he offers her a job singing with his band in Reno, but she has to get there on her own. So at the bus station, she finds a ticket and a soldier who gives her a letter for his wife, Gloria, who is in Reno waiting for a divorce. Maisie gets the letter delivered to a woman who says that she is Gloria, but she is not. When Maisie learns of the ruse, she knows something is wrong and can not be dissuaded from investigating. —Tony Fontana

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Ava Gardner as Gloria Fullerton
Ann Sothern as Maisie Ravier
Tom Drake as Sgt. William
Ray Teal as Policeman
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