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Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller



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Widowed now for close to four years, Anne Osborne, who now operates the antiques shop formerly owned by her husband David, and their son, Jonathan Osborne, live in a small, English seaside town. Both Anne and Jonathan still miss David even after all these years. Going through puberty, Jonathan uses something he finds in his bedroom to explore the emerging thoughts of sexuality going through his mind. Although Anne knows Jonathan sneaks out of the house early in the morning against her orders, she is unaware that he is attending meetings of a secret society of five boys, who refer to each other only by a cardinal number, their rank within the group as assigned by "The Chief", number one. The Chief is an arrogant, sadistic pseudo-intellectual who needs to show his power and dominance over the other four in whatever means possible. He largely considers them immature as he spouts off his Nietzschean philosophies, centering on that adults create rules that ultimately disrupt the natural order of life. When the US based merchant ship the Belle docks in port, Anne and Jonathan meet Second Officer Jim Cameron. Jonathan, who is fascinated by the sea, becomes enamored with what Jim represents to him, the natural order the Chief speaks of, specifically of the sea. Anne becomes romantically involved with Jim while he is in town. Their encounters lead to Jim critically evaluating his life and future. As Jonathan believes Jim may be attempting to disrupt that natural order he so admires, Jonathan believes it is his duty to change Jim back to restore that natural order, and if that is not possible, to correct the impending disorder by whatever means necessary. —Huggo

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Kris Kristofferson as Jim Cameron
Sarah Miles as Anne / mother
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