Middle of Nowhere


Comedy / Drama / Romance



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Summer in a small southern town: Grace wants to go to college, but her feckless mom has poisoned that well (no student loans because mom has welshed on credit cards in Grace's name). Dorian wants to escape from his snobbish adoptive parents. They team up to sell marijuana - she hopes for enough to go to college. Both investigate family secrets, and things get complicated when Dorian falls for her, Grace falls for someone else, and Grace's 15-year-old sister behaves badly. Can Dorian find independence and Grace get to college? And what constitutes a family, anyway?

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Susan Sarandon as Rhonda Berry
Anton Yelchin as Dorian Spitz
Willa Holland as Taylor Elizabeth Berry
Eva Amurri Martino as Grace Berry
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May 3, 2021 at 10:29 PM
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