Our Man Flint


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi



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Ecological catastrophes are happening in the world. Flooding, hurricaines, volcanic actives, etc. No one knows why or how. Someone must be found who can tell the experts why all this is happening and how to stop it, the leaders of the world go to their computers to find that person each one has comes up with one man named: Derek Flint. The head honcho Mr. Cramden, who was Flint's commander in the military, dismisses him as the one person who can do this task.The President, who is listening in on a bug, calls on the red phone and orders Cramden to "Get Flint" against Cramdens personal wishes.Cramden sends various people to bring Flint in, but they are rebuffed in the act by Flint, who wants nothing to do with things, so Cramden pays Flint a personal visit at his apartment where Flint is serviced by several women who shave him and see to his needs whispering into his ear to which Flint replies: "Later."Flint, who teaches Ballet in Russia and takes on several Black Belts and wins, eventually concedes and seeks out Cramden who briefs him on the problem and offers him a briefcase that has multiple functions only Flint counters with his cigarette lighters that does even more functions.Flint sets out to find out who, what, where and when and runs into Gila, the bad girl, who eventually arranges for Flint's women to be captured as well as Flint, himself.Once on the isolated Island that houses the bad guys Flint looks around but is given away by an un-American Eagle who is trained to find Americans, which Flint terms as "diabolical."Flint eventually faces the evil doers, who are scientists who have names that don't match their ethnicities. He refused to go along with them and Gila, who has taken to Flint, is sent to become a Pleasure Unit (because she is a traitor) but she quickly gives Flint back his multi-purpose Cigarette lighter so he can overcome (the evil guys).Flint then goes on a rampage and releases Gila from conditioning, along with his bounty of girl servants who have also been conditioned to serve.Flint destroys the complex and makes a high jump off a cliff into the water that, according to Mr. Cramden, has to be a world record and saves the day and gets the gorgeous girl, Gila (play by Israeli Actress Gila Golan).Bang, bang, boom, boom, the world is saved by Flint!Outstanding musical score by Jerry Goldsmith!

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James Brolin as Technician
James Coburn as Derek Flint
Lee J. Cobb as Cramden
Gila Golan as Gila
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