Peter's Friends


Comedy / Drama / Romance



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Upon the passing of his wealthy father and learning that his father made arrangements to provide comfortably for his long time servant, the housekeeper/cook Vera, and her son Paul, Peter is free to decide what to do with his father's vast country estate without having to worry about what would happen to Vera and Paul if he did sell. What Peter decides first and foremost is to host a New Year's Eve party at the estate with his best friends from Cambridge, a group of six, including himself, who performed together in an acting troupe, the last time being exactly ten years ago upon their graduation, that one a bawdy performance also at a New Year's party at the estate for and unappreciated by Peter's father and his conservative friends, before the six went their separate ways into adulthood. What happens at this gathering will be affected by the issues with which each person is now facing, including the secret Peter has been keeping, it the reason he felt the want to get his friends ...

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Kenneth Branagh as Andrew Benson
Emma Thompson as Maggie Chester
Imelda Staunton as Mary Charleston
Hugh Laurie as Roger Charleston
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