Action / Horror



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Dr. Alice Dodgson (Jennifer Gray) gets her medical license revoked after the death of a patient. She's facing the possibility of not getting any job when she accepts to be the nurse for one young man who suffers of cephalitis named Wesley Claybourne (Daniel Lapaine). Aside from the sickness from which he's suffering, Wesley believes he has been "touched" by some voodoo cult. While she stays in Jamaica, Dr. Dodgson will feel uncomfortable as she discovers that voodoo is not only a "state of mind", and could be a real threat to her life and Wesley's. She'll have to discover why she and her patient are targets of the voodoo curse.

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Jennifer Grey as Alice Dodgson
Tim Curry as Matthew Hope
Craig Sheffer as Paul Claybourne
Erick Avari as Dr. Peter Winsvold
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