Stranger on the Run


Drama / Thriller / Western



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In search of a woman, the washed-up alcoholic vagabond and former convict, Ben Chamberlain, ends up in a god-forsaken and dusty railhead town, where Sheriff McKay and his trigger-happy deputies rule with a heavy hand. Under those circumstances, the drifter who thirsts for answers, and above all, redemption, will begin his investigation, only to soon find himself wrongfully accused of murder. Inevitably, as Ben runs for cover in the rough wilderness, an angry posse of hateful gunslingers will hunt him down before he reaches the borders. Can Ben make it out alive? —Nick Riganas

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Dan Duryea as O.E. Hotchkiss
Lloyd Bochner as Mr. Gorman
Michael Burns as Matt Johnson
Walter Burke as Abraham Berk
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