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The teenager Mia misses her mother Rhea, who died of pill overdose a couple of years ago. Now she is estranged of her father Max, and lives with a family composed by her school mate and best friend Jade; her fifteen-year-old brother Riley; and their mother Sue. One night, Mia, Jade and Riley go to a party hosted by their friends Hayley and Joss to meet Jade's boyfriend and former Mia's crush Daniel. Soon they learn that the attraction is a severed and embalmed hand of a clairvoyant that is capable to communicate with the spirits. There is a lit candle to guide the spirit, the person is tied to the chair and shall hold the hand, say "talk to me" and then "I let you in" to enable the spirit to possess his or her body. The most important is that the connection shall be interrupted before ninety seconds. Mia volunteers to the experiment and is excited with the experience and decides to repeat at Sue's home. However, this time the period of ninety seconds is exceeded, with tragic consequences to Riley, and Mia is haunted by the spirit of her mother that guides her. Or is she lured by an evil spirit?—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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