The Last Crooked Mile


Crime / Drama / Film-Noir / Thriller



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The notorious Jarvis gang robs a bank, one member is killed in the subsequent shootout, they ditch the getaway car, but are recognized at a roadblock as they take it on the lam and are killed in a car chase. The getaway car is sold to a carnival sideshow, where an insurance investigator and some surviving gang members start poking around in search of the missing cash. The investigator tracks down the now-dead Jarvis's girlfriend at a cabaret, and several murders and violent incidents (including a dead body on the rollercoaster) occur as he narrows in on the culprits.

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Sheldon Leonard as Ed 'Wires' MacGuire
John Dehner as Jarvis - Gang Leader
Adele Mara as Bonnie
Ann Savage as Sheila Kennedy
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