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Some Laws Are Meant To Be Broken... High-class call girl Gabrielle Michelle stages her own arrest in a scheme to blackmail her well-known clients. Her list includes respected lawyers, honorable judges and even the Governor. When she submits it as evidence in court, the presiding judge, Richard Miller, is thrown into a moral dilemma. He can make the list public, incriminating friends and colleagues, or he can seal the list and keep its secrets. Whatever he does, someone's going to lose and there are people willing to do anything to stay unnamed. A gruesome murder raises the stakes to a new level. Miller is threatened and Gabrielle attacked. Then, when the detectives on the case are ordered to stop their investigation, one of them decides to continue on with Gabrielle's help. But to find a killer, they'll have to make themselves the bait.

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Mädchen Amick as Gabrielle Mitchell
Ryan O'Neal as Richard Miller
Ben Gazzara as D.A. Bernard Salman
Romano Orzari as Mike Botkin
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