The Man in Grey


Drama / History / Romance



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At an estate auction in WWII England, two strangers meet and muse about their families' history and possible connections. Flashbacks reveal the story of the sweet, rich, and beautiful Clarissa Richmond and her friendship with bitter, impoverished Hesther Shaw. Their fates are intertwined even as their paths diverge. Clarissa marries the handsome but cruel Marquis of Rohan while Hesther becomes an actress. Eventually, the two women meet again and Clarissa brings the scheming Hesther into her household. As Clarissa searches for true love, Hesther plots to take away everything that belongs to her.

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James Mason as Lord Rohan
Margaret Lockwood as Hesther Shaw. later Barbary
Martita Hunt as Miss Patchett
Stewart Granger as Swinton Rokeby / Peter Rokeby
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