The Prom (2020)


Action / Comedy / Drama / Musical



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In desperate need of a noble cause to revive their public images and bounce back, self-centred Broadway thespians, Dee Dee Allen and Barry Glickman, the narcissistic stars of Eleanor, The Eleanor Roosevelt Story, have come up with a foolproof plan to earn some positive publicity. As a result, to help Emma, a bright-eyed high-school student who has recently come out of the closet, make her dream come true, the flamboyant celebrity activists and their fellow struggling actors, Angie Dickinson and Trent Oliver, head to the small town of Edgewater, Indiana, to right a wrong. But, Emma only wants to take her girlfriend to the prom, and intolerance stands in the way of acceptance and happiness. Can the bold quartet give Emma the prom she deserves? —Nick Riganas

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Julia Roberts as Julianne Potter
Nicole Kidman as Angie Dickinson
Meryl Streep as Dee Dee Allen
Dermot Mulroney as Michael O'Neal
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